What’s the perfect example of a household accessory that absolutely must balance form and function? It can only be window coverings. Your blinds or shutters need to effectively create a solid degree of privacy, and they also need to smoothly mesh with the design choices within the rest of your home.

You have a window of opportunity to make the most of your window coverings. Why not partner with Northern Colorado’s true home design professionals — Vertex Flooring and Design. Located in Greeley, we’ve served homeowners throughout Northern Colorado for more than 20 years, and provided them with a wide selection of shutters and blinds.

With more than seven decades of experience, our design and installation team work in perfect harmony to bring your project to life. The expertise of our design team helps you to make the choices that enhance your style, and our installation team is committed to getting absolutely every detail just right. Ready to learn how Vertex can help you? Contact us online or by phone, and together we’ll take the first step.